Donation Refund Policy

All donations are gifts made voluntarily to Tools For Change Africa, a 501(c)(3) charity, with no conditions. Donors receive a tax receipt at the time of the donation. Donors who request refunds may not be eligible for tax deductions on their refunded donations.

Donors who wish to request a refund for a donation should contact the Tools For Change Africa immediately.

Refunds may be granted at Tools For Change Africa's discretion. Refunds are granted only in exceptional circumstances. Some circumstances in which refunds might be granted include:

  1. The donation was made in error, was made in an incorrect amount or the selected charity was not the charity intended by the donor,
  2. The donation was not authorized by the donor, or
  3. The donor’s circumstances have changed materially.

Donors with exceptional circumstances such as these may contact us to request a refund.