Our Mission

Tools For Change Africa is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible. Our Federal Tax I.D. No.: 84-2228403.

Tools For Change Africa is a public charity focused on humanitarian assistance to villagers in West Africa. We collect and provide new and used tools for youth and adults in villages in Burkina Faso, a country with a capital city of 2 million people, about 50 smaller cities and towns and 8,000 villages, where the majority of the population lives while engaged in subsistence farming and cottage industries. Our goal is to encourage youth and adults to learn occupational skills while using donated tools at village training centers, so they can work and remain in their own village and realize their dreams.

Tools For Change Africa works with village associations, creating local centers where villagers can borrow tools at no cost to themselves. Villagers can then create and complete their projects, and return the tools to the village centers so others may use them as well. This system works much like a library lending out books, but also includes hands-on training for any youth or adult who would like to learn how to properly use donated tools.

Tools For Change Africa helps prevent the current massive migration and rural exodus of villagers from their ancestral homes to big cities, even to foreign countries, where they usually seek work in all-too-often exploitative operations that may result in a life of modern slavery, a life of abject poverty with tragic, even life-threatening outcomes, with little or no benefit to their families and fellow villagers back home. Many rarely or never return to their village. The availability of tools empowers villagers to develop skills allowing them to excel in life while remaining in their villages. In this way villagers can increase their food production using gardening tools, manage their health using medical equipment, and building and preserving their community using carpentry tools, masonry tools, sewing machines, mechanic and electrical tools. We attract and receive support from the public as a result of presentations in public venues and by direct appeals to individuals, businesses and community organizations, often with digital video and photographs of our work in America and Africa.

Tools For Change Africa welcomes volunteers, especially those skilled in writing, fundraising, or media.

Step forward to help develop Africa in a positive light!

You can contribute your time and energy and know that you yourself are doing something wonderful for humanity! Again, thank you for your kind and generous contribution!

Donated tools will be sent via shipping container to rural communities in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

To arrange for pickup or drop off of donated tools, contact:

Pierre Yamleowo Balma (831) 713-9431 or James Vermilyer (831) 245-6088